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Buy cheap razor blades – Gillette Fusion Blades – A History of Innovation

Today’s Gillette Fusion blades offer shavers the latest technical innovations for a cleaner, smoother shave.
We often take for granted the development that has taken place since King Camp Gillette, yes that was his real name, first attached a safety razor blade to a handle in 1901 and went on to patent the best selling safety razor of its day.

They started the American Safety Razor Company (re-named the Gillette Safety Razor Company in 1904). 

Their safety razor was a massive success. By 1910, King Gillette was a millionaire

King C wouldn’t recognise the men’s razor of today, but the modern Gillette Fusion blades, often called the best razor for men, are a direct result of his ideas.
Early improvements to Gillette razors included: settings for different beard growth, a blade dispenser, and various coatings applied to blades to prevent corrosion.
The modern appearance, similar to Gillette Fusion blades, was first seen in 1976. The Good News Gillette razor was the first razor with two blades. This was followed a year later by the Altra, the first men’s razor with a pivoting head.
In 1998 the Gillette Mach 3, with the Mach 3 blades triple shaving system was launched. Further innovation led to the Sensor range in 2003, and the first power wet shave Gillette razors in 2004.
The Gillette Fusion was launched in 2005 with a 5 blade design that had blades positioned closer together for a better shave. The latest Gillette Fusion Proglide blades have a lubricating strip of vitamin E and aloe to sooth the skin, and a finned skin guard that precedes the razor blades and stretches the skin for a closer, more comfortable shave.
One innovation old King C Gillette may not have foreseen was womens razor blades and razors added to the Gillette range. One of the most popular, the Venus razor blades, benefits from huge marketing campaign and celebrity endorsements on a par with men’s razors.
When you compare the modern Gillette Fusion blades to the first safety razors, it raises the question; What will the next 100 years of development and innovation bring.

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